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Queenie & Co is a mecca of quality products and services brought to you with love by Mother/Daughter duo, Joanne & Genna. Combining their shared love for Style and Wellness has been a dream for many years, and they are excited that Queenie & Co is finally here!

Their mission is simple: to leave you feeling beautiful and refreshed in your own skin.

Your visit to Queenie & Co can be customised to your idea of the perfect experience.

The Beauty Bar is the perfect way to get your Makeup and Hairstyling done to perfection in one place, ready for your next event. You can also enjoy a pampering massage or brow treatment, so that you’re feeling and looking your absolute best.

Queenie & Co carry an exclusive range of clothing labels for both women and children, as well as beautiful jewellery and fragrances . They also stock quality ranges of makeup and skincare so that you can keep that glow going even after your visit.

The entire experience is provided in a warm and welcoming environment, which is enhanced with the delicious aroma of fresh coffee, yummy cocktails and delicious treats which are all available at the in house bar.

Genna Nelson

Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist/Beauty Therapist

All of my work is based on the art of helping you look and most importantly feel Beautiful!

I started my career in the Beauty Industry eleven years ago, completing a Diploma in Beauty Therapy.

Since then, In between having my four beautiful children, I have been working for myself as a freelance makeup artist.

​Wedding Season is the highlight of my working year. I really feel honored to come along on such special rides with all of my beautiful brides.

Each bride is unique and we honour that here at Queenie and Co. Its your vision that we help you to create and bring to life for your special day.

I have helped thousands of women get ready for their special events over the years and it really doesn't get old. Seeing their faces when they look in the mirror is priceless.

​Makeup is me, It's my passion and I love to teach and empower women with the magic of it.

Joanne Costello

Massage Therapist & Reiki Healer

Joanne has been a Massage Therapist for the past seventeen years.

She has a substantial and loyal clientele based here in Colac. All obtained by word of mouth, which I think in itself explains the expertise in her work.

Joanne is also a spiritual healer, specialising in the art of Reiki.

Energy Healing or Spiritual Healing can take many forms. It is a holistic practice and broad term for any modality or practice that involves activating the body’s energy systems to remove blocks and to restore balance on all levels. The benefits of energy healing are many. As energy blocks are dissolved or interrupted then the body’s own healing system or inherent wisdom can begin to restore flow and create healing and wholeness. This form of healing may also encompass chakra clearing and balancing as well as aura or energy field or subtle body clearing, cleansing and balancing and spiritual alignment.

Rory Walton


You will see Rory’s smiling face as she is pouring your coffees and making your wraps from Monday to Friday. Although she is still quite young, Rory exudes confidence and energy and has taken on the task of running our cafe.

Josie Costello

Massage Therapist

Josie is one of our lovely massage therapists, specialising in relaxation and remedial massage. Josie amazes her clients with her smooth, gentle and flowing technique which promotes relaxation, relieves muscular tension and improves circulation and movement range.


Chinese Massage Therapist

Raymond has a wealth of knowledge and experience in traditional Chinese massage, which has been passed down to him from his Grandmother. Chinese Massage is a valuable part of traditional Chinese medicine, with its purpose being to relieve tiredness, and prevent and treat disease by stimulating meridians and acupoints which can help with :
Swelling and pain
Bruising and rheumatism
Consolidating the kidney
Invigorating the spleen and stomach
Clearing away toxic material in your digestive system.
Raymond is available every second Friday and every Weekend.

Emily, Ava, Mackenzie and Hayley

Junior Employees

You will also see our junior employees helping out around Queenie & Co
We’d be lost without them! Make sure you say Hi to Ava, Mackenzie and Hayley.


Melissa will be working at Queenie & Co every Thursday afternoon.

It has been her lifelong dream to work in a dress shop and we are so happy to be able to help that dream of hers come true.

She truly brightens up our shop every time she walks in. She is always full of smiles, hugs and compliments and we are blessed to have her on board.


You will find Stef in the Cafe & Boutique from Wednesday to Friday.
She is awesome at helping you find that perfect outfit for the weekend!

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